Friday, 1 June 2018

Come and Have Some Great Vacation with Curacao Beach Villa Rental

Villa Bista Diawa, meaning Sea View is the suitable name given to the villa. The property is large and clean located in Jan Sofat. Jan Sofat is the luxurious private residential area which is safe and secure form all the sides. Vacation rental villa curacao is located on the hills, which makes it at the top and allows fresh breeze every time you look out. The house consists of two floors with the same amenities on both the floors. The kitchen is fully equipped with the kitchen appliances like dishwasher, coffeemaker, microwave, refrigerator and many more. The house is spacious and large, with the spacious living room, 5 bedroom villa curacao and 3 bathrooms with the guest’s capacity of 10. It’s more beautiful than it looks in the picture and most of all, everything has not been captured, and the place is simply beautiful. Just sit back and relax on the terrace and enjoy the amazing view outside the doors. Feel the fresh breeze in a peaceful and pleasant area. Living room is well equipped with the Flat screen TV, DVD, stereo and high speed internet. Villa is made taking even the smallest of the details, which is safe for kids also. Like, swimming pool is surrounded by the wall and the pool entrance can be closed off. Willemstad vacation rental villa  Curacao is also famed for its amazing beaches, one of them is most famous – Playa Knip, this is the island’s most famous beach with turquoise crystal clear water and white soft sand. Imagine yourself walking on the sea shores with the view of such a pleasant beach. Explore the island’s largest park, also the National park, Christoffel park- it is a beautiful garden with tropical serene environment also encompassed with majestic mountains. Curacao is a place that has lively nights, with great clubs, restaurant, concerts, and many more. Luxury villa curacao doesn’t sleep in night. Its fun, entertainment and relaxation in the city. Explore the city with Oasis with the glow of the sun and relaxing on the beach. You can also explore various water activities like swimming, kayaking, scuba and much more. Enjoy the beach while sipping exotic cocktails, music, dancing, live concerts and many more to go. Explore the markets of Curacao with shopping, varied restaurants, various jewellary, electronics, fashion and local souvenirs. There is nothing that you can’t get or find. Name anything and you will get here. Come and have some great vacation memories that are lifetime.


Hoge Neerstraat 8, 4873 LM Etten-Leur, Netherlands

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