Thursday, 22 March 2018

Luxury Villa and Apartments for Rent Long Term Curacao

Come and discover the best of Curacao with Villa Bista Diawa accommodated with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. As the name itself means Sea view and it’s worth the name. Enjoy the pleasant breeze coming directly from the sea outside the villa and let yourself enjoy the breeze whole day in your villa rooms. Villa is located very near to various restaurants, some of the nice beaches and more. Curacao Apartments for Rent Long Term. Villa is two story and both the floors are fully stocked, kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining area, a large and beautiful swimming pool. In case you do not want to sit in the sun and still want to enjoy the sitting outside the swimming pool, then you have daybeds with chairs and shaded area. The villa is located on the residential site of Jan Sofat, which is safe and secure for kids also.  We have the large play area with both indoors and outdoors with various games to it. Curacao is the land of more than 35 amazing beaches. Get through the caves named as Ha to Caves, and get the fanciest stories behind some of the stalactites and stalagmites named as Pirate head, the Sea Tortoise, Giant of Jack from the guide. Explore the Dolphin Academy while playing with the Dolphins and enjoying with some of the other friendly sea animals. Don’t get scared, Dolphins are very friendly. Curacao’s beaches are generally jot so long but they are very nice and clean with some of water sports as snorkeling, fishing, scuba and many more. Enjoy simply strolling on the beached and enjoying the white soft sand under your feet and make yourself relaxed. Curacao beach villa rental is one of the affordable islands of Caribbean, basically a home away from home with different and amazing locations. Sit at the balcony and enjoy the sunset and sunrise view with a cup of great coffee, and fell calm and that will touch your soul. Be part of such a great vacation where you can enjoy being in beaches, amazing restaurants, great nightlife and casinos, taste some the delicious food and many more.



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