Monday, 26 February 2018

Curacao Vacation Rental House with Seaview Villa

Welcome to Bista Diawa meaning sea view is the spacious and completely walled villa.  Located at Jan Sofat is the luxurious private protected residential area accommodated with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The villa is situated on the hills so that guests can feel the fresh breeze from the sea in the house to keep you cool and comfortable. Villa rental curacao consists of two floors, Upper floor and ground floor is large and spacious with open living room equipped with flat screen TV, DVD, stereo and high speed WI-FI.  Villa is perfect for kids too as the villa is surrounded by the wall pool entrance can be closed off. There is enough space for kids to enjoy games both indoor and outdoor. If you love beaches than no other option is better that the beautiful Caribbean water. People over here are very friendly and there are so many things to do in Curacao. Curacao is surrounded with 38 small but amazing beaches that frame turquoise waters. It’s a heaven for scuba divers and snorkelers. View the beautiful coastline and historical landmarks while kayaking through Curacao’s Caracas bay. Curacao private blue room and beach tour, you can enjoy some of the best beach hopping, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. The tour provides you with the scenic ride, first stop is at blue room, which is simply extraordinary underwater cave located near Santu Pretu. Curacao’s nightlife has something for everyone; you can enjoy live music on various restaurants terraces or beaches, local bars, jump on the dance floor in nightclubs and discos, casinos and more. A bar at the beach and sipping exotic cocktails, live music, dancing and entertainment is simply the way Caribbean is. Go for shopping at Panda streets , full of life, color , various stores offers numerous jewelry , electronics, cosmetics , women and men’s fashion and local souvenirs. Houses for rent in Curacao are the most affordable island in the Caribbean with beautiful beaches of crystal water and range of water sports. Curacao is destination for all, be it romantic, thrilling, fun, adventurous and relaxing with comfortable stay.


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